Stargazing Project digital album release


“The Soundtrack to the movie that hasn’t been written yet… Where Syd Barrett meets Bryan Eno…” That’s what fans say about Stargazing Project’s debut album ‘Stargazing’.

Frank Weyzig:
vocals, guitars, keyboards, sampler & programming

Remco Helbers:
programming, sampler, Chapman Stick, keyboards




two Born for Bliss members, Frank Weyzig and Remco Helbers, decided to join forces again to produce new music. For their new project, the main source of inspiration was the Internet. Inspired by the many mysteries of our modern times; conspiracies, alien abductions, ufo encounters and other strange events, Frank and Remco searched the internet for unusual sounds and strange recordings. These elements give shape to the StarGazing project in a very peculiar way…


You can order the album online:

About Frank Weyzig

Frank Weyzig is a Dutch producer, composer and bandmember, known for his contribution to the original Clan of Xymox and his work for indie new wave band Born For Bliss. More recently Frank is involved with VASELYNE, White Rose Transmission and Stargazing Project... In january 2011, Frank founded 'TURMOIL MUSIC', a new music platform for Independent Artists.... View all posts by Frank Weyzig

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