Check out Turmoil Music!

TURMOIL MUSIC is a new music network for independent musicians. 

No annoying charts or rankings. Just your own free web space to promote your band or project. 

If you think this profile fits you, then please take the time to check us out and read our Site Guidelines before signing up. Membership only by approval….

Our goal is to gather a cool family of artists coming from the same corner of “Alternative” music with the same ideas and philosophy about independent music…

..Frank Weyzig ~ January 2011

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About Frank Weyzig

Frank Weyzig is a Dutch producer, composer and bandmember, known for his contribution to the original Clan of Xymox and his work for indie new wave band Born For Bliss. More recently Frank is involved with VASELYNE, White Rose Transmission and Stargazing Project... In january 2011, Frank founded 'TURMOIL MUSIC', a new music platform for Independent Artists.... View all posts by Frank Weyzig

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