Stargazing Project digital album release


“The Soundtrack to the movie that hasn’t been written yet… Where Syd Barrett meets Bryan Eno…” That’s what fans say about Stargazing Project’s debut album ‘Stargazing’.

Frank Weyzig:
vocals, guitars, keyboards, sampler & programming

Remco Helbers:
programming, sampler, Chapman Stick, keyboards




two Born for Bliss members, Frank Weyzig and Remco Helbers, decided to join forces again to produce new music. For their new project, the main source of inspiration was the Internet. Inspired by the many mysteries of our modern times; conspiracies, alien abductions, ufo encounters and other strange events, Frank and Remco searched the internet for unusual sounds and strange recordings. These elements give shape to the StarGazing project in a very peculiar way…


You can order the album online:

New Project – Vaselyne

VASELYNE is a collaboration between Dutch singer-songwriter Yvette Winkler and Dutch musician and producer Frank Weyzig. A mutual artistic curiosity gave birth to their VASELYNE project in the spring of 2011.

On this page you can listen to their first demo tracks. VASELYNE is planning on finishing their debut-album later this year….

Yvette Winkler – vocals
Frank Weyzig – instruments



Yvette Winkler is a Dutch singer and was co-founder of “Sea of Souls” (2006). You can listen to her latest work on Pieter Nooten’s album “Here is Why” (2010) for which she sang some of the lead- and backing vocals.

Frank Weyzig is a Dutch producer, composer and bandmember, known for his contribution to the original Clan of Xymox and his work for indie new wave band Born For Bliss. More recently Frank is involved with White Rose Transmission and Stargazing Project… In january 2011, Frank founded ‘TURMOIL MUSIC’, a new music platform for Independent Artists….

Influences –
from Peter Hammill to Nine Inch Nails and all that we forgot to mention in between….

Sounds Like –
Dark Wave with a Glow & a load full of Soul….


official Homepage:


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New WHITE ROSE TRANSMISSION Live album out now! “Spinning Webs at Night”
Release date: May 6 – 2011- Label: ECHOZONE

White Rose Transmission – Silent Air (live) – cover version of the original track by The Sound – words & music by Adrian Borland – Recorded live at ‘Gallerie Message’ – Mönchengladbach – Germany – May 14 – 2010

Carlo van Putten: vocals
Rob Keijzer: acoustic guitar
Frank Weyzig: guitar, keys & backing tracks

this track is available on the new wrt live album
“Spinning Webs at Night”
release date: May 07 – 2011
label: Echozone

You can order the album online:

Check out Turmoil Music!

TURMOIL MUSIC is a new music network for independent musicians. 

No annoying charts or rankings. Just your own free web space to promote your band or project. 

If you think this profile fits you, then please take the time to check us out and read our Site Guidelines before signing up. Membership only by approval….

Our goal is to gather a cool family of artists coming from the same corner of “Alternative” music with the same ideas and philosophy about independent music…

..Frank Weyzig ~ January 2011

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Born For Bliss are back!

Frank Weyzig about the long awaited release of ‘Between Living and Dreaming’.
release date: April 30 – 2010 – label: ECHOZONE

Ah… Where to start?

An album release from a band that has been away from the scene for more than a decade…. An album that initially has been recorded 11 years ago…

Is there any reason for that? Well yes!

Lately, I’ve been slowly moving my way back into the music scene with my contribution for ‘White Rose Transmission’, and one night, while I was working in my studio on one of the WRT tracks, I stumbled on these long forgotten B4B files on my hard drive. After playing some of the tracks, I was stunned about the freshness and the dynamics of the songs. Just one thought entered my mind… This album deserves a second chance!



After recording this album with Born For Bliss in 1999, the band split up due to all kinds of problems with our former management and record company. At that time, frustrated as I was with the whole business, I just gave up and never found the energy to do a final effort to release the album.

Shows you how things unexpectedly can take a different course!
Now, under the wings of German label ECHOZONE, the album is re-mastered, neatly packaged and anxiously waiting for you!


What makes this album so special, you would probably ask?

I could try to describe the music on this album to you. It would be difficult though, to not talk in clichés. Yes, some of you may remember that me and Willem van Antwerpen, were former members of dutch electronic wave legend ‘Clan Of Xymox’…. So undoubtedly there will be some early Xymox influences on this record as well. Remco Helbers found his way to Born For Bliss via ‘The Dreamside’, and with his very own style of playing the ‘Chapman Stick’ he adds a special dimension to the Born For Bliss sound….

For the real fans it will be a surprise to listen to ‘Dragon’, one of the bonus tracks on the album. This song is a demo I wrote and recorded during the early Xymox period and still is one of my favorite songs and it definitely reflects the mood of that era. Another extra is my demo version of ‘Ylene’, which I wrote for ‘Love Like Blood’ for their ‘Snake Killer’ album. And then there’s also a demo version of ‘This Love’, the very last song I ever wrote for Born For Bliss… So the album is not just released after all, but also packed with extras!


I could not leave you without giving you my view on the music scene. We all know that the music business is going through a massive change right now. Imagine this… While I was playing with Xymox in the mid eighties, our first album was released on vinyl. There were not even CD’s back then! The speed at which everything is changing is incredible! Nowadays, all existing music, almost everything that has ever been recorded, is downloadable, legal or illegal… Is there still hope for alternative music and their creators? Of course, as long as you, the fans, are willing to support your favorite artists. And as long as we, your favorite artists, are willing to provide you with pure and honest music…


Frank Weyzig

february 2010

Born For Bliss (1999) – from left to right

Willem van Antwerpen: drums – percussion
Frank Weyzig: vocals – guitars – keyboards
Remco Helbers: Chapman Stick